#FEARLESSFemale Friday: The Preschool Teacher Edition

Today's #FEARLESSFemale has all of my admiration. Krista Berg is about to head into her second year teaching Preschool in the Birch Run School District...anyone who can make a career out of wrangling a roomful of preschoolers, truly must be fearless!

Krista wearing our Kye Mi Knit Tunic in Olive Green. Paired with Erimish Bracelets and a Caroline Hill Tote Bag

In addition to teaching full-time, Krista has also jumped headfirst into becoming a Beachbody fitness coach! Since becoming a coach in February of this year, Krista has created an ever-growing Instagram account dedicated to her fitness journey, hosted a local free fitness class in one of Frankenmuth's many parks, and has taken part in numerous Beachbody fitness challenges. Krista is an example of a young woman who is doing it all, and she's doing it so well!

For the remainder of summer, you may also catch Krista driving tourists in one of the town's horse-drawn carriages.

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